As Megaupload’s defence team prepares to battle a US extradition request for founder Kim Dotcom, attorney Ira Rothken claims it’s being impeded by a lack of access to Megaupload’s seized servers. He tells CNET that the company’s frozen assets mean it can’t pay for data on its servers to be maintained, nor can it access it. “MegaUpload is frustrated and wants to preserve the data for litigation and to defend itself and ultimately – with the approval of the court – to provide consumers access to their data,” says Rothken, who wants access to emails, files and other documents stored on the servers. In separate news, Megaupload has dropped its lawsuit against Universal Music Group over the takedown of its Mega Song YouTube video last year (Bulletin, 13-Dec-11). “Megaupload is shifting its litigation resources to defending against recent US copyright related actions across the world and opportunistic copycat civil suits,” Rothken tells TorrentFreak. 

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