US gets ‘copyright center’ backed by music and film bodies


Big moves afoot in the US, where the RIAA and MPAA are to back a new ‘Center for Copyright Information’ (CCI) to oversee the graduated response anti-piracy initiative being implemented by ISPs there. CNET has the scoop, reporting that the centre will be run by Jill Lesser of lobbying and public policy firm The Glover Park Group. Her job will involve copyright education for consumers, as well as evaluating how well any graduated response measures from the ISPs work – working with the American Arbitration Association on the latter. “Sources in the entertainment industry say that the center will also try to work as a liaison between the ISPs and the entertainment companies,” writes CNET’s Greg Sandoval in an earlier pre-announcement piece. There will also be a CCI advisory board, including advocates for consumer privacy and consumer technology.


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