Nope, none of this is made up. There really is a new console music game coming out called Twister Dance, based on the famous plastic-mat rarely-without-sexual-tension game Twister. Britney Spears is on board to appear in the game and promote it, and by promotion, we mean tweeting pics of herself from the promotional photo shoot, wearing what the press release proudly proclaims is a bra that costs $20,011. And there’s more: “The `Eternal Love Bra’ by Body Rock bra is embellished with 18K gold skulls set with diamond eyes, which hang from an 18K zip. A Swarovski Crystal Heart also dangles from each golden skull. The racerback style bra also has silver diamond Swarovski crystals and gold pyramid studs.” Exactly what we used to wear for Guitar Hero sessions, funnily enough…

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