On March 27th I attended a Generator/Music Ally “Music Futures” event, looking at viral marketing. Two presentations were made; the first by Ste and Drew from Powster, the second by me. Ste and Drew covered the bigger-budget end of virals by way of Powster’s own campaigns with the likes of Pendulum, Nero, Muse and more, and I thoroughly recommend viewing their showreel to see the kind of brilliant work they do.

For this reason then, my own presentation focussed more on the lower-cost or zero cost approaches to viral marketing (or, as I explain in the clip below, just good marketing – I hate the term ‘viral’) but also broadened out into general tips around approaching marketing music online. The aim was to provide practical tips that new, unsigned bands can take away and get something from. It seemed to go down well, as both Generator and Music Ally asked if I could make it available for both the attendees and the general public. So, here it is again – I hope you find it useful!

I also created a downloadable audio-only version, so if you’d rather stick that on your iPhone (albeit without the visuals) or just listen along whilst working, click below:

Please feel free to share and embed the content elsewhere too.


ADDENDUM: At the end of this presentation I focus on music as an artform, and how we often forget just how powerfully music affects us in life. I can think of no better example of this than this clip. It shows an Alzheimer’s patient responding to music from his younger years. Its a must-watch, trust me:

YouTube video

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