The RIAA and the US government are facing stern questions this week over the 13-month seizure of the domain for hip-hop site Dajaz1. The site was taken offline in November 2010, and restored to its owners in December 2011. Wired and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have worked together to unseal public documents on the seizure, which appear to reveal that the RIAA was unable to provide evidence that the site was infringing copyright. This, despite sparking the initial seizure by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau (ICE). No wonder the EFF isn’t happy. “Here you have ICE making a seizure, based on the say-so of the record company guys, and getting secret extensions as they wait for their masters, the record companies, for evidence to prosecute,” says legal director Cindy Cohn. “This is the RIAA controlling a government investigation and holding it up for a year.” The RIAA maintains that the site “has specialized in the massive unauthorized distribution of pre-release music”.

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