We wrote last week about the reformed Ben Folds Five using Pledge Music to crowdfund their new album. Now the band’s Ben Folds has been talking about the decision. “People get excited about it, I suppose, because it’s new and it’s an opportunity — it’s like maybe this is how music could come out and it could level the field. Well, it’s not going to. Let’s say Kanye West decided to go do Kickstarter — he’d blow the Internet up. What good would that do? It wouldn’t mean that the band next door is going to have a better chance. What it means is that if the band next door wants to have a chance, Kanye West just knocked the legs out from underneath the traditional music industry, and now is he going to sign their band? Because he’s now the one with the distribution.” He continues: “The bands that are stepping up and doing it in this way — we have a responsibility to reach out a hand and do something for the talent below. Because, like them or not, that’s what record companies used to do.”

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