Despite hysterical claims that pop act One Direction “broke America” through social media alone (a guileful news hook that crumples under scrutiny given the amount of money thrown at their non-digital marketing and the fact they are signed to the second largest record label in the world), they have been deft users of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Today (31st May) they will ‘host’ a viewing party on Twitter (starting at 5.30pm GMT) to mark Monday’s release of their new concert DVD. The group’s five members will reply to questions, follow back certain fans and give away prizes for those using the #1DVDWatchParty hashtag. Asking fans to start the DVD playing at the same time, the viewing will work a little like a live DVD commentary, where they will respond to action on the screen, answer questions and offer stories about the show and its filming. This group Twitter viewing is not new (comedy writer Graham Linehan, for example, has done ones around his Bad Movie Club idea dating back to 2009 as well as live tweeting during Channel 4’s special Father Ted Night in 2011), but applying it to music, especially given how active One Direction’s fans are, breathes new life into the idea. Let’s hope that Twitter has invested in emergence servers to handle the enormous traffic spike.

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