The IPO-day joy for Facebook’s executive team is a fast-fading memory, as the social network has spent the weeks since facing criticism from all angles. There’s some more bad news in a survey conducted by Reuters and Ipsos of 1,032 Americans, quizzing them about their use of Facebook.

The headlines? 34% of users say they are spending less time on Facebook than they were six months ago, with 20% saying they’re spending more time. Meanwhile, four out of five users claim to have never bought a product or service as a result of advertising or comments on Facebook.

But is this really all bad news? If 20% of Facebook users have been influenced by an ad or comment, that’s 180m people. And how many of those ads are punting products or services directly anyway?

Many music marketers have reservations about the current effectiveness of Facebook ads, but it’s early days. It’s the 34%-spending-less-time stat that’s more worrying – the obvious question now being where else are they spending their online time instead?

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