Facebook tests new “Share Music” button


Facebook has begun testing a new feature on the sly that makes it ever easier to share music on the social networking site.

The new “Share Music” button, which has popped up without fanfare on selected users’ Facebook pages alongside the traditional “Update status”, “Add photo/video” and “Ask a question” tabs, allows the select few to share a song on their Facebook page by simply selecting the new button and typing the track’s name into the search box. The resulting song can then be tagged with friends’ names and shared on the user’s New Feed.

The Next Web, which discovered the new feature, says that Spotify’s catalogue is included in song searches, but points out that Facebook has deals with other streaming music services (such as Rdio), so tracks may not be limited to one catalogue.

Of course, sharing music on Facebook, be it through YouTube clips, Spotify links or any other number of other methods, is nothing new: in January Facebook said that users had shared 5bn songs since its f8 conference in September introduced integration with Spotify and other music services.

But this new button makes the process considerably easier and, crucially, means users don’t have to leave Facebook to do it. Should the “Share Music” button be rolled out globally, this would almost certainly lead to a spike in the – already impressive – number of tracks being shared and listened to on Facebook. And that, if music industry thinking is to be believed, could lead to a spike in sales.

For Facebook, meanwhile, the new button quite literally puts sharing music at the top of its thinking. The only downside, of course, is that in Facebook’s aggressive pursuit of “frictionless sharing”, if everything (from music to news stories, social gaming scores and video clips) is being shared on Facebook by hundreds of millions of users, can anything every truly stand out? In theory, sharing is a powerful forces, but in reality could it amount to cascading walls of white noise?

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