Adam Jansch launches Futures EP as an iPhone app

This is interesting: the world’s first “open outcome record” released as an iPhone app. Futures EP is the work of Adam Jansch, working with developer Refractrd.

“Futures EP embodies an instance of a new post-record medium in which each playback of the record sounds different to the last,” they explain. “The idea here is to open up record media to previously unavailable creative potential, whilst presenting songs to the listener in a familiar form.”

If the idea sounds familiar, you’re probably remembering Bronze, a format that “reinterprets a song in real time” invented by artist Gwilym Gold last year. Er, so this may not be the world’s first open outcome record after all, but it’s great to see two artists exploring the idea.

And if the name Adam Jansch sounds familiar, yep, he’s the son of the late Bert Jansch.

Written by: Stuart Dredge