Network security company Palo Alto Networks claims that P2P filesharing is rising again after a period of decline. In fact, its report, based on global internet data usage, claims that P2P usage has spiked by 700%, with an average of seven P2P applications and 13 browser-based filesharing clients found on 89% of networks analysed by the company. The report covers the period from November 2011 to May 2012.

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  1. The headline suggests that p2p filesharing is rising – with MusicAlly’s background I thought “music filesharing”. But I think there are a few things wrong with that thesis:
    a) the linked article was composed by a pro-p2p site.
    b) in that article, it is not specified what is meant by “consumption” and how it is measured. Is it how many people USE it? During what time period? Is it the amount of usage? Is it the number of organizations?
    c) it’s about organizations: the data is based on analysis about employees behavior in hte office: “our data shows that employees are increasingly using personal technologies like Netflix and Tumblr in the workplace”. I guess one could assume that there’d be significant growth in this sector.
    d) There is no definition of p2p services
    e) it’s not music related. What are the p2p services that those employees use? Dropbox, Google Docs and Facebook? Why is tumblr mentioned in the text? Is that a “p2p service” or an “online streaming service”?

    I hope we don’t get comments like “music filesharing is increasing again – by 700 %” i. e. in the copyright legislation discussion that could be heating up at the moment (here in Germany) through talks between industry bodies and the Pirate Party.

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