RootMusic revamps BandPage as off-Facebook hub for artists


What to do when Facebook’s Page Timelines have wiped out your core business helping music artists manage tabs on their profiles? If you’re RootMusic, you revamp your service as BandPage Everywhere – an off-Facebook hub that helps those artists publish content and widgets to a range of social networks and sites.

“Once you have BandPage products on your different online properties, you just update it from one place and it updates across the web in real-time,” says CEO J Sider. Artists including Jason Mraz, Maroon 5 and Beth Orton are already using it, and Sider tells TechCrunch that it’s RootMusic’s shot at “building a strong, independent company” following Facebook’s Timelines bombshell.

Will it work? It’s too early to tell. BandPage Everywhere looks slick and usable, but this idea isn’t new: remember iLike’s Universal Artist Dashboard? There’s definitely a problem to be solved here – artists, managers and labels having to manage multiple social presences – but RootMusic will be just one of several companies trying to solve it.

Stuart Dredge

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  • david hazan says:

    While there have been previous moves in this space, BandPage have the unprecedented advantage of launching Everywhere with a massive current 500,000 user base. Timing is everything, and now is exactly the right time for this type of service, when artists, when artists are more than ever saying they need an easy-to-use solution for all the time consuming data entry work they must do.

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