Bad news for Scandinavian rightsholders and pirate-hunters: “As of today no hunting of file-sharers is allowed in Norway,” says Cecilie Rønnevik, senior adviser to the Norwegian Data Inspectorate. As TorrentFreak reports, local law firm Simonsen has lost its licence to monitor filesharing networks for activity by Norwegian users. That said, a solution may be in sight for rightsholders who see the news as a blow to their businesses. “We have been asked if we could accept an organisation on the licensee side, a bit like Antipiratbyrån in Sweden. We will consider it if we get an application for a licence,” says Rønnevik. Norway is one of the countries benefiting from an explosion in legal streaming music: stats from EMI in July suggested that 48% of the population there are using streaming sites (Bulletin, 10-Jul-12).

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