Spotify tipped for web client and mobile apps platform


More rumours were swirling around Spotify this weekend, both started by tech blog TechCrunch. Rumour one: a web client, which TechCrunch reckons will either complement or replace Spotify’s desktop application.

The article also tips a redesign that “will focus more on discovery, including following the listening habits and playlists of influencers in addition to your friends”, and floats the idea of a cheaper monthly subscription of $8 for mobile access.

All Things Digital chimes in to confirm the website but refute the price-drop, suggesting that the browser version will “pop up in the next month or so” for some users, although it won’t play cached offline music or run third-party Spotify apps. Again, speculation.

Rumour two: those third-party apps may be coming to Spotify’s own mobile apps. This is based on digging by developers into documentation inside Spotify’s code referring to apps running “within” Spotify’s client. Which is similar to a story floated at the start of August by, incidentally.

We thought we’d throw some speculation into the mix. If – and this seems logical – Spotify wants to extend its applications platform to mobile devices, its own native app may not be the best way to do it, due to Apple’s suspicion of such models. Facebook reportedly had months of delicate negotiations to get a watered-down version of its apps platform onto iOS, for example.

So, an HTML5 Spotify website, playing nice with tablets and smartphones and running third-party Spotify apps, may be a useful long-term goal for the company – and this weekend’s rumours may represent steps in that direction.

HTML5 would also be a hedge against any Apple-approval wranglings as that company makes its own long-rumoured move into streaming music. But as we said, speculation…

Stuart Dredge

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