Apple will unveil a new version of its iTunes software, and possibly store, tonight at its iPhone 5 launch event in San Francisco.

Why are we so certain? The company itself appears to have let it slip a few hours early. Or, at least, its website’s search engine has. Pocket Lint bagged the scoop, discovering a reference to a press release titled ‘Apple unveils new iTunes’, which isn’t currently accessible on the site, but will be published later tonight.

The same site has uncovered similar references to a press release for a new iPod touch and iPod nano. Which isn’t a major surprise – both lines are due a refresh.

It’s the new iTunes that will be most welcomed by the music industry though. Apple’s desktop iTunes software is regularly criticised for its clunkiness, with more features and media types shoehorned in as time has gone on.

What we don’t know yet are the details. Will the new iTunes have a web component? Will the iTunes Store have better recommendation features, or even that rumoured Pandora-like personal radio service? WHAT WILL THE ICON LOOK LIKE?

Okay, that last one isn’t such a pressing question. All will be revealed in Apple’s launch event, which kicks off at 6am UK-time today. We’ll be reporting from the London simulcast with all the juicy music details.

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