It’s the other US filesharing lawsuit that won’t die, alongside that of Joel Tenenbaum. Yes, Jammie Thomas-Rasset is back in the news today, after the US Court of Appeals ruled that she WILL have to pay a fine of $222k for her filesharing conviction, in a case stretching back to 2007. That means the damages have moved from their original $222k to $80k, then $54k, and now back up to $222k again. Is this the end of the case? No. Thomas-Rasset’s lawyers have already said they will take the case to the US Supreme Court, arguing that the damages bill is unconstitutional. The music industry has moved beyond the idea of suing individual filesharers in the years since 2007, but the memory of the dreadful publicity around cases like Thomas-Rasset and Tenenbaum continues to be a factor in its approach towards anti-piracy initiatives in 2012.

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