Audiobus is new to us, but several musician friends excitedly told us about the company’s news yesterday, indicating that it could be a big deal for people making music on iOS devices. So yes, Audiobus, whose slogan is “live, app-to-app audio streaming for iOS”. The idea: making it easy for different iOS apps to push music back and forth between them: play a virtual synthesizer in one app, for example, while recording it to a track in a separate recording app. It seems there was some doubt over whether Apple would approve Audiobus, but it has. “We’ve been working with a small group of third party developers that we already have a close connection with because we want to make sure that those apps can serve as examples for all the other developers,” says the company. “Once our initial community of developers have finished the Audiobus integration, we’ll be all launching together and opening up the SDK to the public.”

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