Yesterday’s controversial article about the music industry came from the BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones, comparing digital disruption for the publishing and music industries. “One is packed with bright young ruthlessly ambitious people who have to be aware of the latest trends – the other is, well, publishing. So which is coping better? Publishing, believe it or not,” runs the intro. Later: “For now, the fusty old publishers are looking rather more comfortable in the 21st Century than the hip young gunslingers of the music industry.” Which isn’t necessarily untrue, but could do with the context that a.) a fair amount of those hip young gunslingers are now working as consultants to help the ‘fusty old publishers, b.) there are still lots of challenges facing publishers, including price erosion and Amazon’s market dominance, and c.) there are fusties and gunslingers in both industries.

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