Now before we start, it’s not as dirty as it sounds. The Nina Nesbitt ‘Nesbian Code Generator’ is a tool for fans to share messages with each other using the ‘Nesbian ‘code language that has been created via the generator.

Fans can send messages to their friends via Facebook and Twitter and once their friends have received the code they are directed to the Nina Nesbitt website to find out what the messages actually says. The generator itself is locked for fans only, so if you receive a message you are unable to view what it says, unless you can read ‘Nesbian’.

The campaign was gained popularity instantly with fans, prompting 4k unique page views on the Nina Nesbitt official website which in turn led to a large increase in mailing list sign ups during the first week, 700 to be exact. Fans are also able to connect their Facebook account if they prefer too.

This generator is fantastic example of how something simple can provide great results and is perfect for Nesbitt’s 13-17 demographic. Fans are continually returning to the website to use the translator and send more messages to their friends. Within the first 24hours each unique visitors returned to the website an average of five times, with each visit last four minute. This was the main aim of Island Records when initially launching the campaign.

Although early on in the campaigns lifespan it is clear that this is an innovative way to increase engagement with fans. Nesbitt herself will be releasing updates in the future in ‘Nesbian’ so fans will have to return to the website to find out what these message mean, increasing the longevity of the generator.

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