Adam Perry – CEO & Founder – BrandApp Limited

In 2010 Adam had the idea of BandApp (BrandApp’s main product) the iPhone/ Android app solution for unsigned bands, offering smartphone apps across all major platforms for free, as well as BandApp’s own digital retail and emerging music licensing store, The  BandAppStore. BandApp has been a great success in beta so far and continues to grow quickly, taking advantage of this rapidly growing sector. BandApp relaunches for free in April 2012 and hope to become the new mobile Myspace.

Fraser Davidson – Director – SynchTank

SynchTank develop and deliver cloud based digital music management and licensing software for publishers, labels, managers, recording/film studios and creative agencies. SynchTank is a powerful toolset that enables clients to search, pitch, manage, analyse and nurture their catalogues. The software maximises revenue opportunity, increases control, removes friction from the process and enhances efficiency. SynchTank is a B2B company and is currently focussed on optimising music synchronisation practises in particular. SynchTank started trading in January 2011.

Fraser has general responsibility for marketing, finance, investment and occasional sales. Fraser started his career in marketing at Renault, went into Private Equity for eight years and for the last two years has been involved in getting SynchTank off the ground, funded and growing. Fraser’s music taste is at best eclectic and his coding knowledge zero so we tend to try to keep him away from those things.

Christian Miccio – Director – MPme

Christian is currently at the helm of MPme, refining ways to discover music through live radio online. Previously, he has launched major feature on Gmail and Google Maps as a Product Manager, and was tech lead at Shazam. There, he was instrumental at building the original music database and launching the overall system. Christian holds a CS degree from EPFL and an MBA from INSEAD.

Holly Clarke – Head of Product Strategy – Vyclone

As he looked out across a stream of mobile phones capturing his performance at Glastonbury Festival, Joe Sumner thought to himself “how compelling would this be if they were mashed together”. With the help of CEO David King-Lassman and CTO David Harvey, Vyclone was born. Now when you shoot video with your iPhone you can include footage taken by your friends filming the same events. Just point your phones at something and record, Vyclone does the rest. In a few moments it synchronizes and edits everyone’s clips to create one movie with all the angles cut together. Fans can experience their favourite band from all angles and relive the spirit and emotion of everyone at the show long after the encore.

Holly is Vyclone’s Head of Product Strategy. Previously she was at social video ad start-up, Unruly where she ran >400 campaigns including T-Mobile Life’s For Sharing series, Old-Spice and Evian Roller Babies as well as helping to see the company grow from 7 to 140 employees. She has talked at many conferences including TEDx, Digital Shoreditch and IAB training sessions as well as many brand training days. Her specialities include advising on how to engage with viral and online trends, social video, product strategy leadership, and the consumption of many cups of tea.

Rich Myers – Business Development Director – Transmit Promo

Transmit Promo is a campaign management system aimed at rights holders who want to deliver promos of their recordings to press, radio, TV, blogs and fans. It is a cloud-based platform providing a low-cost, secure solution that can be used by major labels and unsigned artists alike. The service is smarter, faster, safer and cheaper than current methods of promoting records. It is around 80% faster and cheaper than running a CD promo campaign. It is smarter in that it provides campaign analytics so that you know how well your campaign is performing. And it is safer because the music is contained in a closed environment and it will soon have a watermarking system. Transmit Promo is currently in beta version.

Brittney Bean – Co-founder – Songdrop 
Brittney Bean is the co-founder of Songdrop, a London based music startup which focuses on the experience of playing and sharing music online. She is also the co-founder of Green House Group, a digital marketing and web development agency, whose clients include Universal Music, Mercury Records, PIAS, Warners, Geffen Records, Various Artists Management, Shambala Festival, Blissfields Festival and Beach Break Live. She is a contributing editor to Track In The Box, label manager at Turf Records, and  has a masters degree in Art History from the University of St Andrews.

Nadav Poraz – Founder – WhoSampled

WhoSampled is a unique music discovery service based on the notion of “exploring music’s DNA”. At its core is the world’s largest database of sample-based music, cover versions and remixes, built by a dedicated community as a crowd-sourced effort with strict quality controls. WhoSampled is available at and, since June 2012, as an iPhone app. It is now branching out to power groundbreaking music discovery experiences for labels, brands and other music services.

Inge Sandvick – CEO –  Soundrop
Soundrop is the best way to discover, share and enjoy music in Spotify. We let anyone create a collaborative social listening destination that can be shared in real-time with friends or other fans. We want to help people find and enjoy unique music moments.
Users, artists and labels have embraced the concept because it brings everyone closer to the music they love. Northzone, also an investor in Spotify, led our $3 million Series A in June to further accelerate our growth. Today, fans using our service have streamed more than 300 million tracks since our launch, and our average listening session lasts three hours. Those numbers help validate our belief that music sounds better with friends.
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