Matt Black talks Ninja Tune’s Ninja Jamm app at ADE 2012


Matt Black, of Coldcut and Ninja Tune fame, has been talking about the label’s plans for a music remixing app called Ninja Jamm. Announced earlier this year, it’s due out in a matter of months.

“I’m hoping it will be out around December / January time,” said Black in a keynote speech at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) conference today.

“It lets you play around with electronic music, and when you get the app – which will be free – it will come with some Ninja Tune packs. A collection of sounds typically based around one track… it’ll contain the elements of the track, and a bunch of other samples that work with that track.”

A number of developers and labels have experimented with remixing apps, but Ninja Jamm sounds more ambitious than many. Black said it’s partly an effort to break down the boundaries between electronic music genres.

“It’s a chance to show that electronic music is actually very plastic,” he said, stressing that he was using the word strictly in a positive sense.

“It has plasticity, which means that it’s malleable. It’s flexible… It can morph from one shape to another. Ninja Jamm allows one to play with the plasticity of dance music: you can turn a trance track into a hip-hop track just by slowing it down and changing some of the elements.”

Black continued: “All this stuff is not as distinct as people think. Electronic music is not a style: it’s more of a system of techniques that we use to make music,” he said.

“If you look at the different styles of electronic music: techno, hip-hop, drum’n’bass, grime, dubstep… They’re not really that different. They’re made using a lot of the same instruments, the same software, even a lot of the same samples.”

Stuart Dredge

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