Monkeybars artist marketing site emerges from beta


The latest service trying to help music artists forge direct connections with their fans is Monkeybars, which came out of beta yesterday.

The site aims to help artists sell music and videos direct to fans, offering 100% of the profits – with the twist that some of the revenues are passed on to fans who’ve promoted whatever’s being sold.

“Monkeybars has created an environment that allows emerging artists to promote and sell their content while motivating their fans to become aligned with the success of music they love,” says advisory board member Steven Corn.

We’ve seen fan-rewards in slightly different forms before – mFlow in the UK and Posse in Australia, both now defunct. Maybe Monkeybars can make a go of it. Alongside the launch, there’s a 30-day promotion highlighting emerging artists who are using the platform, Monkeybars Soundcheck.

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