Most of the public attention on Spotify focuses on its business model and artist payouts, but what about the nuts and bolts of its actual business? A fascinating document from October called  by Henrik Kniberg & Anders Ivarsson gives an insight into the way the company structures more than 30 teams working across three cities. The basic unit is a ‘squad’, a self-organising team “designed to feel like a mini-startup” who focus on individual parts of the Spotify user experience – “building and improving the Android client, creating the Spotify radio experience, scaling the backend systems, or providing payment solutions” for example. And then several squads working on related areas are gathered into a ‘tribe’, which “can be seen as the ‘incubator’ for the squad mini-startups”. Each tribe is designed to be smaller than 100 people. Much more in the document, which – hat tip – was first covered publicly by TechCrunch late last week.

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