How big can streaming music get? Here’s a prediction from Spotify CEO Daniel Ek in an interview with Quartz: “ He also addressed the frequent comparisons between download revenues and streams for artists. “I can tell you it will take you 200 song listens before you make the same amount of money [as a download]. But because the consumption behavior is entirely different, and the revenue then increases in perpetuity, it’s not even a question of if this model is better, it’s just when in the lifecycle it’s better.” Ek’s 10-digit ambitions have other supporters too: at Billboard‘s FutureSound conference late last week, William Morris Endeavor head of music Marc Geiger predicted that “there’s going to be a billion paying music subscribers at some point like there is for ISPs”.

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In the year or so since its launch, AI startup Kaiber has been making waves,…

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