Spotify is holding an event on 6 December for press to ‘Discover What’s Next’ for the streaming music service. Cue a couple of weeks of speculation, with TechCrunch coming out of the blocks early with its claim that new features will include “an overhauled asymmetrical following system, akin to Twitter”. That means helping users follow “musicians they Like on Facebook, people with similar tastes to them, and notable public figures” in an effort to boost music discovery on the service. The article suggests that Spotify app creators (brands, media, startups etc) will also be involved in the new features, with curated playlists at the heart of it all. Our reaction: one, this would be timely, given the new Myspace’s focus on exactly this kind of curation/influencers model. Two, what does this mean (in a positive or negative sense) for sites like ShareMyPlaylists, which have filled this curation gap before. And three, we still hope there are other new (unrevealed) features that will help artists connect to fans more directly through Spotify.

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