In November, EDM duo Cazzette became the first music artist to launch their career exclusively on Spotify. So how has that gone? “Cazzette has reached over 2.7 million Spotify plays since the release of the first content set a few weeks back,” says Spotify’s head of content Steve Savoca. “That is a great start for a brand new act.” The news came as Cazzette launched the second segment of their ‘Eject’ album on the streaming service, adding three tracks to the seven released in part one. We’d usually do our ‘multiply the plays by the average Spotify payout’ thing here (around $22k, if you insist), but the deal breaks that methodology: Cazzette aren’t signed to a label, so are getting paid directly by Spotify – so ignore that $22k figure. And in any case, the real value of this deal, which is harder to gauge at this point, is how much of a launchpad it is for other elements of their career. There are a few bits on that: 1.5m YouTube views for single ‘Beam Me Up’, which has also made it to the Top 10 of Billboard’s Dance/Mix chart.

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