Does BitTorrent equal piracy? That’s the title of a new website created by the company, and as you may have guessed, it’s providing an answer to the question: No. CEO Eric Klinker has published a blog post expanding on this. “We are scientists, engineers, developers and designers committed to building a better Internet,” he writes, before getting down to business. “We do not endorse piracy. We do not encourage it. We don’t point to piracy sites. We don’t host any infringing content. We have, and we will continue to, work tirelessly with industries, artists, and fans to create a sustainable digital future for content. And we’ve been recognized by major media institutions for our contribution towards this shared goal. BitTorrent is how companies like Facebook, Wikipedia, Blizzard and Twitter scale code deployment. BitTorrent is how the Internet Archive preserves and protects cultural artifacts. BitTorrent is behind the congestion-aware Internet. BitTorrent is behind artists. BitTorrent is for fans.” The company’s task in 2013 is to persuade more artists (and managers, labels etc) of these merits.

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