Apple’s announcement of a bunch of new iOS stats earlier this week (Bulletin, 8-Jan-13) has been providing industry analysts with food for thought on the growth of apps. Asymco has been doing the sums to figure out how apps fit into Apple’s existing iTunes ecosystem, noting that iTunes as a whole – including the App Store and iBookstore – now generates $12bn of gross revenues a year, with those revenues having risen steadily over the last four years. “Apps are now a third of all iTunes revenues, (about $4 billion/yr) having taken that share in only 4.5 year,” writes analyst Horace Dediu. “Non-app media still make up 2/3 of iTunes in terms of sales value but their growth is now 28% vs. about 50% for apps.” The bigger picture for Apple, of course, being that apps are clearly more of a driver for its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch sales now than music, TV shows or films – even if those remain important and appealing parts of the iTunes offering.

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