After a delay, US ISPs are set to introduce their six-stage copyright warning systems this year, with varying details depending on telco. TorrentFreak has leaked details of Verizon’s plans, which run through six alerts for customers accused of illegally downloading content. The first and second alerts will be email and automated voicemail notifying the customer of the claim, and providing a link to check if filesharing software is running on their computer, as well as legal content sites. The third and fourth alerts redirect the customer’s web browser to a page where they must review and acknowledge receiving the alerts, while watching a “short video” about copyright law. Meanwhile, the fifth and sixth alerts requiring the customer to either agree to a 2-3 day reduction in their broadband speed to a sluggish 256kbps OR ask or a review of the alerts’ validity from the American Arbitration Association, which will cost $35 with that being paid back if the challenge is successful.

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