Facebook is holding a press conference in California tonight, inviting journalists to “come and see what we’re building”. So what are they building? For once, the big tech blogs seem unsure, but there are some intriguing rumours around plans to shake up Facebook’s News Feed. Again. TechCrunch has a post talking about a major redesign of Facebook’s mobile app – all images and swiping tiles “reminiscent of Flipboard, Google+ for iPad, and Microsoft Metro”. But you should also read Business Insider‘s story about possible plans to reshape Facebook’s News Feed across all platforms even more radically as “a kind of Information Distribution hub for the entire Internet”. And that this may have implications (again) for Facebook Pages. “Their view is that for content publishers in particular, Pages are an unnecessary bottleneck between content creation and content consumption from the News Feed,” writes journalist Nicholas Carlson. “Instead of asking publishers to create and maintain Facebook Pages, one of Info D’s missions is to come up with ways publishers can redesign their own Websites and apps to work more like Pages work now—with all of Facebook’s social and sharing functions built in.” Watch this space for news on what actually gets announced tonight.

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