Call out the dogs! TuneCore is FUNDING piracy sites and must therefore be TORN TO SHREDS! Or perhaps not. Musician David Lowery, who has been campaigning for more scrutiny of the brands who are advertising on piracy sites, has published a screenshot showing a banner ad from digital distributor TuneCore appearing on filesharing site 4Shared. “Artists pay Tunecore to distribute their albums and music on paid platforms, and Tunecore pays pirate site 4Shared to give the artists music away for free,” notes Lowery. Cue outrage, but also debate as the comments section on Digital Music News’ write-up shows. It’s highly likely that TuneCore a.) didn’t know its ad was appearing on this kind of site, and b.) will talk to whatever ad network it’s using to stop this happening again. But the fact that some people are so eager to criticise the company for funding piracy shows the uber-sensitive nature of this debate. Attack first, think through what’s actually happening later.

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