US publication Spin is the most high-profile music magazine to have gone digital-only so far, but now it’s been joined by British mag Artrocker. In fact, Artrocker is going tablet-only, with plans to launch apps for Android tablets to complement the iPad app it launched last summer. “From a purely business point of view, we like the amount of control and endless options tablet publishing gives us over how many editions a year we could publish, and when you want to publish them,” co-founder Tom Fawcett tells Music Week. “It also opened up the world to the Artrocker brand… Artrocker has now become a truly international brand with all the latest on even more new music first.” There are encouraging examples of this elsewhere, such as the global growth of Future Publishing’s technology magazine T3 since it was made available for tablets. “We’ve invested heavily in the licenses and software needed to make the most of the new technology and we’re no longer constrained by the same costs and time restraints of producing a physical magazine to all four corners of the globe at the behest of a printer’s schedule,” adds Fawcett.

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