Three days in, Bjork’s Biophilia app Kickstarter has raised only £12.7k


In 2012, Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign hit $220k of pledges in its first day. In 2013, Bjork’s campaign to crowdfund new versions of her Biophilia app is off to a slower start. Much slower.

Three days in to the 30-day campaign, the Biophilia project has raised £12.7k towards its £375k goal. That’s 3.4% of the required funds in 10% of the days, maths-fans. And a bit worrying.

The project is certainly of value: Bjork wants to use the money to make Android and Windows 8 versions of the Biophilia iOS app-album that came out in July 2011.

It was a beautiful, creative and innovative app. Now Bjork is looking for the new versions to put it into the hands of children and teachers around the world, particularly “students from low-income households and schools with underfunded art budgets”.

So yes, valuable, but at the time of writing, people don’t seem to be rushing to their wallets to support the campaign, in stark contrast to Palmer’s rocketing first few hours on Kickstarter – which famously ended with $1.2m of crowdfunding for her new album, book and tour.

It’s early days for Bjork’s project though, with a few Kickstarter tricks to try to bump up interest in the new Biophilia apps.

Written by: Stuart Dredge