British ISP BT launches BT Cloud locker service – music included


BT is the largest broadband ISP in the UK, and one that was prominent in the rows over the Digital Economy Act a few years ago. So expect interest from the music industry in the launch of BT Cloud, the ISP’s new cloud storage service.

Apps have gone live for iOS and for Android, promising access for residential BT Broadband subscribers to their “pictures, videos and other files” from smartphones and tablets.

And music? Well, we checked out the official support page for BT Cloud, and there’s a section outlining how much storage people get, with two packages outlined: 2GB and 50GB.

Both explain how many songs this would include (500 and 12,500 respectively) as well as movies (2 / 70), photos and documents. Oh, and a message saying “BT doesn’t support activities which infringe the copyrights of the holder”.

Stuart Dredge

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