Bjork has cancelled her Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to port her Biophilia iOS album-app to Android and Windows 8, after raising just £15.4k in its first 10 days.

She was hoping to raise £375k in 30 days for the project, with the aim of getting the app onto the devices of students in the developing world.

However, visit the Kickstarter page today and you’ll see this message: “Funding Canceled. Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator about 19 hours ago.” The figures tell a sad story: £15,370 from 263 backers was just 4.1% of the funding goal.

In recent days, new rewards had been added to tempt higher-value pledges, including limited-edition gold and platinum discs, and “Super Deluxe” album artwork and app stills.

There was also a handwritten note from Bjork: “This is an odd one for me to ask of you but it proved unbelievably complicated to reprogram Biophilia for Android & more, it will take 8 programmers 5 months!!!”

It’s unclear whether the Kickstarter cancellation means the project itself is dead, or whether Bjork will seek to fund it through other sources.

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  1. One of the main issues as we’ve discussed in the Music Ally office is that it’s slightly weird that she would pay £100k to provide an album and experience for her fans who have an iOS device but her Android fans have to stump up the cash themselves.

    Personally I think the campaign didn’t offer fans enough reasons to contribute in the first place. The experiences and incentives she offered to fans were pieces of framed artwork, every mega successful Kickstarter/Pledge campaign I’ve seen has included lots of input with the artists themselves: phone calls with fans, live gig experiences, skype calls, backstage passes, exclusive shows. The gold record are a nice touch but to offer so many (50+) doesn’t really make them feel that special.

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