Music Ally Podcast #16 – Björk’s Kickstarter, Prince and Sonos


In the latest Music Ally podcast, Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge clumsily attempt to court soft drink manufactures to come and sponsor them talking in circles for half an hour every week. Among the circles the talk around this week are Sonos’ move into the living room with Play Bar, the new wave of subscription services being tested by Ninja Tune and the Rough Trade shops, why Björk was right to look for funding for her Biophilia project but wrong to expect Kickstarter to be the place to turn to, why the BPI looking into the boom in streaming is A Good Thing and finally why Prince is on a hiding to nothing expecting fans to pay for his video and why all he needs to do is listen to Eamonn and come up with more honest song titles (warning: involves rude words).

Music Ally

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