Music Ally Podcast #17 – By:Larm, Skrillex and EMI Nordics


In this week’s Music Ally podcast, the “tables are turned” as Stuart Dredge interviews Eamonn Forde (for a bit) about going to By:Larm in Norway where a beer will cost you your soul (they do, however, put a good conference so that’s OK). We also look at Twickets which, despite its terrible name, is admirably looking to fix a real problem of letting people exchange gig tickets at face value on mobile. We also consider the new Potato channel on YouTube that is about music and not about crisps, although some of the music (Skrillex etc.) sounds like someone opening a bag of crisps. This section also includes a terrible pun about a potato-based fast food chain. Then we wonder what it is that Grooveshark is up to when it claims it’s misunderstood. Finally we look at EMI Nordic’s leap into artist apps using Spotify and wonder if it’s a stopgap solution and when we’ll get an app that is agnostic about the streaming services it plugs into. And if that’s not enough there is a disruptive cameo from the bass player in The Sundays who comes into the podcast eyrie to reclaim his bike and sneak off three minutes before the working day is over. All human life is here.

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