Here’s another datapoint on the growth of streaming-music subscription services in the UK. It comes from Universal Music’s UK boss David Joseph in an interview to promote tonight’s Brit Awards, in which he is asked about the music industry’s digital disruption. “We have taken massive leaps in the last few years, going from nearly zero to 1 million people paying for subscription music services in the past three years,” Joseph tells The Guardian. “It takes time to create a service. I think we are significantly ahead of publishing, film and television. I think we were quick to react, our artists were quick to react and I’m feeling really positive about it. I predict that by 2014 we are going to see positive .” File the 1m paying subscribers figure alongside the BPI’s recent claim that Brits streamed more than 3.7bn tracks in 2012, and that streaming music is worth more than £49m to British labels (Bulletin, 7-Feb-13). Although the 3.7bn streams figure makes a strange contrast with previous Joseph quotes in November 2012, when he said 7.5bn tracks had already been streamed that year (Bulletin, 14-Nov-12). He may have been counting YouTube though, which the BPI wasn’t.

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