Music rightsholders have been battering Google with takedown requests for links on its search engine in recent months. But perhaps they should read the story of Movie2K for a pointer to an alternative strategy. The popular site indexes streaming films and TV shows, and has thus been the subject of takedown requests from movie studios. TorrentFreak reports that Paramount Pictures sent Google a takedown for the Movie2K homepage (i.e. not just an individual webpage within the site), resulting in Google removing that homepage from its search listings entirely. Here’s the interesting point for music rightsholders to consider: if Movie2K is to be believed, Google is refusing to reinstate its homepage until it takes down more infringing content. “They want us to remove all links which are somehow copyright infringement, that’s the only way we can have our index back listed on their search engine,” says its admin. “That might happen to every other site, to The Pirate Bay, to…” Cue a lightbulb moment for anti-piracy bodies.

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