Indian digital music executive , COO of Times Music, has suggested that online piracy was a necessary evil for the music industry. “I may get lynched for saying this – but I have always believed that internet piracy was actually, in some ways, a good thing to happen to the industry,” he tells the Broadband Asia 2013 conference website. “If not for that, the music industry would never have pulled its act together and embraced innovation and realised changing consumer behaviour and digital distribution.” Thakur sees piracy as “almost akin to consumers not wanting to pay to consume Coke/Pepsi anymore. In that sense it is as good as creating a brand new entertainment industry, creating brand new value and brand new revenue models at the same time as preserving the existing value/revenue base”.  We can see a few rightsholders disagreeing with that very last preservation point, but piracy’s role as a spur for innovation is undeniable.

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