battle and hum

For the name of its new social game alone, we applaud US startup  Hum This for its punning. Battle & Hum is an iPhone app released yesterday on the App Store as a cross between SongPop and Draw Something. A “social name that song game” that gets players to hum a range of famous songs, then challenge friends to guess them. Facebook provides the social glue, with the game based around “song mixes”: like SongPop, new mixes can be unlocked through playing the game, or via in-app purchases for impatient players. iTunes clips are built in too – “Listen to the song before you hum it via our iTunes song stream” – and every time a player shares one of their hums on Facebook, it also gets a unique URL on the Battle & Hum website for the world to hear and guess it. So, a poser for you: if you listen to an iTunes clip of Single Ladies, then hum your own version that’s streamed to friends and archived online, what kind of licensing deal (if any) is required? Answers on a postcard…

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