Shazam confirms its 10% conversion rate from tags to sales


shazamEvery so often, Shazam talks about how many people who identify songs using its apps go on to buy them. Head of music content Will Mills has been giving the latest stat to Billboard: “At this point, 10 million songs are tagged per day and about 10% of them are purchased, which means we’re doing a million in sales per day,” he explains, citing the already-public figure that Shazam is generating more than $300m of sales a year. “There’s been a lot of talk about the growth in streaming royalties, but a la carte downloads are still growing something like 10% year-over-year, from a base that’s like 10 times as big,” says Mills.  That said, Shazam isn’t ignoring the streaming services, even if its app integrations with them tend to be “region or time-limited” according to Mills. “We’ve worked with Spotify before and probably will again. Eventually I think we’ll have ubiquity across the services so that it will automatically know who you are, where you are, and what service you want to be linked through to.”

Written by: Music Ally