Pandora wp8

Streaming radio service Pandora is finally available for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 smartphones, with the companies pulling out several stops to make it a success. Most notable is the announcement that Pandora’s WP8 app will be ad-free until the end of 2013 – something we’re assuming is being funded by Microsoft as part of the deal to get Pandora onto its platform. The app has also been tweaked to take advantage of some Windows Phone features, with a Live Tile sitting on the homescreen to show what’s playing, and integration with Microsoft’s Kid’s Corner feature to filter out explicit songs if a child is using the app. Pandora has always been keen to get onto new devices and platforms, so its appearance on Windows Phone 8 isn’t a big surprise. It’s good news for Microsoft though: in the US, Pandora is one of the tentpole apps that many smartphone buyers are looking for when considering buying a new handset.

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