Even if you don’t frequent the Reddit and Hacker News sites, you’re hopefully aware of them: they aggregate tech news, submitted and voted on for interest by users, and can drive huge traffic to articles elsewhere. Now music blogger Tyler Hayes is trying to do something similar for music, called Next Big Thing. “I was looking for a good hub of music news, articles, and rising artists and never really found it,” he explains in a blog post. “Sure, Reddit has a music section, and you could follow individual sources on Twitter to get a similar experience, but a dedicated hub of diverse music related content was missing.” Hence Next Big Thing, which went live this week. The site links to music-related blog posts as well as songs on Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube and other services. It’s very early days, and it remains to be seen how many other people agree they have a problem to solve in this regard, but the idea has potential.

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