Music Ally Podcast #22 – ReDigi, Songkick, MixShape, Spotify


In the latest Music Ally podcast, Stuart Dredge calls in on the “Skype pipe” from what he claims is his home (but we know is a pub in Bishop’s Stortford). Among the topics he and Eamonn Forde grapple with this week (the inevitable audio delay on Skype being their teary tribute to the late Norman Collier) are: ReDigi losing its court case with Capitol Records and if anyone wants a second-hand digital music collection anyway; Songkick’s possible move into ticketing, which prompts Stu to go on and on about The Black Crowes; MixShape, Internet Explorer and the eternal issue of just because you can make something it doesn’t always follow that you should; why Japan’s new Groovy app marks a whole new approach to netting users (plus ham-fisted reference to Angela’s Ashes); and finally why Spotify’s TV ad was just missing Brad Pitt issuing hollow profundities in black and white. EXTRA FEATURES: Music Ally on Flipboard and a conversation about Noel Edmonds that is cut short before the lawyers get involved.

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