Music Ally Podcast #23 – SoundCloud, Twitter Music, PSY, WiMP and more


Music Ally Podcast ImageStuart Dredge has made it back from his mansion in Cannes (trans: live blogging bunker), so we are back after a week off. Among the topics under discussion this week are: Gene Simmons doing something or other (we’re not that interested); if SoundCloud should pay creators or if they should accept its promotional power instead of hard cash; what Twitter Music could mean; Bloom.fm and why we need to hear the real story behind user stats; PSY’s new single, YouTube debuts, appointment viewing online and how to create playlists for kids’ parties; and WiMP’s latest move to help DIY acts, a theme that’s going to grow this year. Warning: Stu lowers the tone dramatically by dropping the “w-word” like some sort of docker. Eamonn (who never swears) is suitably shocked at the potty-mouthed Dredge.

Music Ally

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