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Give it a few years, and we’ll be looking back at artist-branded iPhone-only Instagram-style photo apps as a real moment in time – but possibly not one that provided much lasting value. Take Major Lazer’s Lazergram as an example: it looks very fun, with the ability to take snaps, turn them into colourful collages with “original Major Lazer art works” and then share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. In a nod to the past, fans can “even send MMS” – a concept so startling, it gets three exclamation marks in the App Store listing. Fans are being encouraged to hashtag their photos #Lazergram for “a chance at a shoutout” from the Diplo-led collective. At the time of writing, eight people have taken them up on the idea on Twitter, but the app hasn’t really been promoted yet. And that’s the key challenge with this kind of app: it may look fun, but getting fans to download and use it alongside Instagram, Facebook and/or whatever other apps they’re using to share photos is tough.

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