Music Ally Podcast #25 – Shazam, Spacebar, Kickstarter, Morrissey and more


In this week’s Music Ally podcast, Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge put the digital world to rights. Again. Among the topics under discussion are: changes at the top for Shazam and why, even though it’s still losing money, TV will be the platform that sends its revenues stratospheric (or at least makes its plump for an IPO); why Spacebar is a solution to a problem no one really has but, hey, it’s here so that’s got to count for something, right? (as Eamonn and Stu prove their worth as “the Statler and Waldorf of digital music”); how Soundrop is following the lead of Tomahawk and going to be as service-agnostic as possible; why real-world-to-digital treasure hunts are back in vogue (again) in digital marketing; and finally what would happen if Morrissey took Amanda Palmer’s advice and went on Kickstarter (which contains not one but two excruciating puns based on Smiths song titles and an unlikely comparison between the jocular Moz and the Wizard Of Oz).

Music Ally

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