Mashable is blunt with its assessment of the Twitter #music app’s slide down the App Store charts: “It’s starting to look like Twitter’s music app may be more like Poke than Vine.” Poke, of course, being Facebook’s novelty Snapchat-style app that sank with barely a trace just before Christmas. The article tracks Twitter #music’s fall out of the 100 Top Free iPhone apps in the US, having peaked in the top five. By contrast, Twitter’s video-sharing app Vine has stayed in the upper reaches of the App Store charts for some time. It seems early adopters jumped on the company’s music discovery app, but it’s yet to catch on with a wider audience. Perhaps new stuff will help: one secret feature was discovered this week in the web version of Twitter #music. According to blogger Tyler Hayes, adding an ‘instant’ tag after any artist name (e.g. brings up a playable gallery of “artists similar to” that artist. It’s like a stealth not-quite-as-good Pandora, but one indicating more potential for Twitter’s music service.

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