Pandora has revealed that its listener hours fell 12% to 1.31bn in April as a direct result of the 40-hours-a-month cap introduced for non-paying users of Pandora’s mobile app in March. CFO Michael Herring revealed the stats yesterday, as reported by Billboard, saying that the cap had “almost the same impact” as a similar one placed on desktop listeners back in 2009, and hinted that Pandora has seen a boost for its paying-subscriber count as a result of the new measure. He added that Pandora had 70.1m active listeners in April, up from 69.5m in March. The measure was part of a wider debate around how to make money from people who stream music for free on their mobile devices. For on-demand services like Spotify, free mobile radio is a funnel for their premium subscriptions. When Pandora announces its Q1 financials later this month, we’ll know just how big its subscriptions jump was.

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